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Several thousand patients have to pay greater share of hospital treatment costs

Deductible skip to several thousand patientsPatient. Photo Norway Today Media


New rules lead to several thousand patients having to pay a much greater share of the costs for hospital treatment.

According to Bergens Tidende get hospitals no longer will be allowed to enter patients and then send them home on leave.
This means that patients that are to be treated for several days, but that does not necessarily need to stay in hospital the days they are not treated, now have to pay their share of the costs each time they are taken to the hospital, instead of only once
One of those affected is 26 years old Susanne Silseth. She has a chronic illness and  occasionally needs to go to Haukeland University Hospital for five days to receive treatment. Previously, this treatment was considered to be one hospital stay, but now she must choose to be taken  to the hospital for all of the five days if she wants to avoid having to pay her share of the costs, 320 kroner, for every day she receives treatment at the hospital.
– I have no desire to stay overnight at the hospital. I think they need the hospital beds for the patients who are seriously ill, she says.
Special Adviser August Bakke at the hospital explained that the change is due to an adjustment made by the Directorate of Health. He points out that there is a ceiling of 2.185 kroner a year for the health costs you have to pay your self.
– This sum has not increased. Whether you reach the upper limit of the costs you have to yourself in February or Ocotber does not matter very much. Besides, it’s an advantage to the patients that patient consultations can give them the  right to transportation to and from the hospital. This is an advantage you don’t get if you are hospitalized and then given leave.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today