Defence team exasperated by interpretation mistakes in court documents

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When the defence lawyers in one of Norway’s largest drug cases checked through the translations of court documents, they found over 400 interpretation errors.

‘This is a clear, giant scandal’, said lawyer, Fridtjof Feydt.

Last year, ten men and two women from Albania, Macedonia and Norway were sentenced to long prison terms in Follo District Court, in one of the largest drug cases
ever to happen in Norway.

Lawyers Monica Behn Jacobsen and Fridtjof Feydt had taken over the defence of one of the accused. In connection with the appeal which began in the Appeals Court earlier this week, the two lawyers found over 400 translation errors in documents that prosecutors believe are quality assured, reported Dagbladet newspaper.

‘In translations there are actual mistakes in translating words. Whole sentences are mistranslated, things that are said in the audio are omitted, and there are translations and reprints of words and phrases that aren’t heard on the recordings’, claims Feydt.

The lawyer has over 40 years experience in Norwegian criminal law and can’t find words to describe the depths of ineptitude inherent in the discovery.

‘This is completely unacceptable. This is a massive, straight scandal. I’ve never experienced anything like it’, he said to Dagbladet newspaper.

He believes that the mistakes undoubtedly had a direct affect on the resulting indictment, which he believes was issued in error.

The prosecuting attorney in the case, Trude Antonsen, would not comment on the errors.

‘I will not litigate the case in the media’, she said to Dagbladet.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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