Ensure safety of children in the car

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Ensure the safety of children in the car

Car holiday in Norway or hire a car abroad? Either way, here is Safe Traffic’s (Trygg Trafikk) advice on safety for children in the holiday traffic.


The Summer holiday is in underway, and for many that includes short or long road trips. It is important that both children and adults are properly secured on the road.

– There is unfortunately still a lot of inadequate safety for children in cars. Either because we simply do not know what’s correct, or because we think it’s no danger involved on a short trip. Securing improperly can be dangerous, says Senior Advisor in Safe Traffic, Unni Knutli.

Tighten the seat belt

Too many put on the seat belt without tightening it properly. That can be fatal.

– The belt should always be tight over the hip and shoulder. It should never lie over the stomach, under the arm or behind the back. That may have fatal consequences in a collision. A slack seat belt can cause major internal injuries. The belt should be so tight that it is only possible to insert a couple of fingers between the body and the belt, says Knutli.

Check the children regularly

She also encourages parents to be consistent with their little ones during road trips.

– Children are children. They rarely sit without squiggling around. That leads to them twisting out of the seat belt. It is therefore imperative to check regularly that the belt is worn as it should and not give in to hot and impatient children.

Choose the correct Child Seat

Safe Traffic reminds that using the child seat correctly – including choosing the right one – is equally as important during vacation times as during the rest of the year.

– Always make sure you have the correct child seat for your child. It is height and weight of the child that determine what kind of chair you should use. If you are unsure, check the Safe Traffic website for information, says Knutli.

Bring the Car Seat along

For many Norwegians, summer vacation also means travelling abroad. Unni Knutli warns Norwegian Tourists to relax on the road safety.

– Other countries have different traffic culture. If there is one thing you should bring with you from home, then that thing is the Norwegian attitude towards road safety. We also recommend bringing Child seats along if driving with young children in the car abroad. You have no guarantees that you can hire the correct type of child seat and that they are of good quality. But it is just as important that the children are safe on vacation as at home, Knutli rounds off.

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