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Father again on trial for having ordered the murder of his daughter’s boyfriend

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A man (45) will meet  in the Court of Appeal on Wednesday next week, on charges of having ordered the murder of his daughter’s boyfriend. Last year, the man was acquitted, but the prosecutors appealed.

The Afghan father from Fredrikstad faces charges of violence against his daughter, detention, threats and conspiracy to commit murder
In March last year, the man was acquitted in Oslo District Court of having paid 250,000 kroner for a man to kill his daughter’s boyfriend. A majority of the court held this could not be proved. Although  the 45-year-old was acquitted of ordering a murder, he was still sentenced to two years suspended sentence for violence against his daughter.
The judge Dagfinn Grønvik nevertheless felt it had been proved that his father had signed a murder contract.
According to the indictment  her daughter’s boyfriend (20) was knocked down by the Røa subway station in Oslo  on Sunday evening February 9, 2014, when he was on his way home after visiting his girlfriend in Fredrikstad. He was then dragged into a car and driven to an address at Økern in Oslo, where he was bound and beaten. The man was released after about a day.
The 45-year-old will meet in the Court of Appeal on Wednesday 30 March .  Two other men will also have to have to meet in court on charges of deprivation of liberty, violence and conspiracy to commit murder.
Four days have been set aside for the case.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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