The Fremskrittsparti (Frp) will banish call to prayer from mosques

Islamic Cultural Center in OsloIslamic Cultural Center in Oslo : Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

At the Fremskrittsparti (Progress Party) Conference at the end of April, Buskerud Frp will puts forward a proposal to ban call to prayers in the public space.


The proposal from Buskerud Frp shows that arrangements have been established for mosques to spread call to prayers in cities.

“This is perceived as annoying and inappropriate by many. In Norway,we have freedom of religion, which should also apply to the righ not to be exposed to call to prayers in the public space. The Frp Conference will not allow niqabs from religious communities in the public space,” it was stated in the proposal from the county party.

The party’s government has decided that the resolution should be recommended according to the national meeting papers on the party’s websites.

Frp’s immigration spokesman, Jon Engen-Helgheim, who is elected to parliament from Buskerud, told VG newspaper that he expects the proposal to be adopted at the national conference.

“I have seen that several municipalities have been granted permission. What is important in this kind of policy, when it comes to niqabs, and the burka and the call to prayer is to set a framework before it becomes a problem’’, he said.

Chairman, Arshad M. Jamil, at Oslo Mosque Islamic Cultural Center, does not fully see the point.

‘’When it comes to call to prayer, we use the app in 2018. We do not use the call to prayer to summon people’’, he said.


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