FRP wants to push through ‘beer in the park’ before summer

Strong sunStrong sun.Photo: Norway Today Media

The Progress Party (FRP) and The Conservatives supported by The Liberals wish to amend the law and allow drinking in the park within a few months, the Christian Democrats are protesting.

Strengthened by the Conservative’s surprising yes at their congress to allow ‘beer in the park’, FRP wants to legalize consumption of alcohol in Norwegian parks and beaches already this summer.

– We believe the law can be amended without undermining the laws of peace and order in public places. Obvious drunkenness and rioting, has a number of other laws that govern that, Parliament Member of the Progress Party, Sivert Bjørnstad, told Aftenposten.

He predicts a proposal in Parliament just after Easter.

Today it is illegal to consume alcohol in public places, but even the police have admitted that they have not enforced the rules equally everywhere in the country.

The proposal meets opposition from the Government’s supporting party the Christian Democrats (KrF).

– Basically, it alluring to drink a cold beer in a sun-warmed park. When we are critical, it is because we believe there should be some open areas that are non-alcoholic. Availability leads to increased consumption, according to Christian Democratic Party deputy leader, Olaug Bollestad. Bollestad is a member of the Parliament’s Health Committee.


Source: / Norway Today