Old media shows its true sour face after historical meeting in Singapore

Donald Trump, Kim Jong UnU.S. President Donald Trump walks with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un after lunch at the Capella resort on Sentosa Island Tuesday, June 12, 2018 in Singapore. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Even after the historic event between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump in Singapore,the established mainstream Norwegian media chose to focus on the negative.


The last time old media focussed on a US president, it was when Barack Hussein Obama was in the chief seat. Then the non-stop celebration lasted eight years.

Today they had the chance to boast about President Donald Trump, but ridicule and negativity characterised the headlines.

Dagbladet newspaper:
The newspaper focused on Trump being polite, almost too polite. “An incomprehensible courtesy competition” was the title Dagbladet chose to use.

“It seems that Trump and Kim fought a fight to show courtesy to each other,” said Dagbladet journalist Ericsen with a microphone in his hand.

VG newspaper:
Norway’s largest newspaper gave commentary space to a man named Per Olav Ødegaard,who wrote the following:

“But also Trump is eager for recognition for his unorthodox diplomacy. He enjoys tweeting about experts and others who have just criticised and not taken him seriously. He clapped one of the world’s worst dictators on the shoulder and boasted about what they have achieved. ”

VG newspaper also gave the floor to researcher Øystein Tunsjø at the Department of Defence Studies, which has an extremely pessimistic view of the future.

“I predict that North Korea will continue to be a nuclear power for five years,” he told VG.

No brag about the American president. One of the top headlines had the title, “Trump’s weight-joke takes off online”. Another headline wass “See Trump’s shameless tribute to Dictator Kim”.

US correspondent for the channel, Fredrik Græsvik, doubted in the morning that “Trump was feeling the expectation pressure”. Otherwise, nobody praised him.

The newspaper chose to put its Trump opinions behind a paywall.

Broadcasting chief, Thor Gjermund Eriksen accommodated Bjørgaas’ negativity in the main.

“The height to fall is a long way for both”  was written in uppercase letters. US correspondent,Tove Bjørgaas took the opportunity to focus on the negative.

“It’s a bad idea for Donald Trump to meet Kim Jong-un alone,” said analysts. Without a report, there may be controversy about what has happened,” said Bjørgaas. The analyst is none other than a former employee of Barack Hussein Obama.

One would think that the word peace prize was mentioned in one of the  media headlines, but we find nothing. Trump will never win with the established Norwegian press no matter what


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