The Government will revoke citizenship from terrorist risks

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The Government will deprive citizenship from terrorist risks

The government will make it possible to deprive citizenship to individuals on the grounds of criminal offences, or threatening national interests.


In a statement from the government, the Minister of Immigration and Integration, Per Sandberg, of Fremskrittspartiet (Frp),wrote that the proposal is part work to prevent terrorism.

‘Today, the authorities can only revoke citizenship on the basis of an individual supplying incorrect information.

I think it’s clear,and that a general sense of justice indicates, that a person who opposes Norwegian interests, or wishes to harm Norway, shouldn’t retain Norwegian citizenship,’ said Sandberg.

Security measure

In the proposal to parliament, the government proposes provision of the Citizens’ Act on loss of citizenship due to criminal offences,and loss of citizenship for reasons of fundamental national interests. Today, there is no such provisions.

Sandberg hopes the threat of losing citizenship will have a deterrent effect. He claims the measure will limit terrorist activity in Norway.

Loss of citizenship by reason of fundamental national interest is not considered punishment, but a security measure. The Ministry’s decision may be brought before the court.


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