The Government will continue austerity measures

Immigration and Integration Minister Sylvi ListhaugImmigration and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug.Photo: Ole Martin Wold / NTB scanpix


Immigration and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug has issued a consultation proposal that the temporary tightening of measures for asylum arrivals from autumn 2015 will be continued.

– We believe that there is still a need for the temporary amendments and therefore we propose that these continue, writes Listhaug, according to the newspaper VG.

Austerity measures implies that the Justice Department should be able to “instruct the immigration department on the exercise of judgment and interpretation of the law in matters under the Immigration Act” and that the government has the right to refer asylum seekers to safe countries they have been resident in.

The measures also mean that the government will have the opportunity to apply coercive measures in cases where it is most likely that the current asylum processing will not admissible.

– We also propose to continue the ability to set a shorter deadline for leaving than usual, or that they must leave immediately, writes Listhaug.

– Asylum seekers arriving in Norway are considerably lower now than when the proposals were first put forward in November 2015.

However, there is considerable uncertainty as to the number of migrants who plan to come to Europe in the future, writes the Ministry of Justice on the draft proposal.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today