HLF rescuing young ears

HLF rescues young earsHLF rescues young ears.Photo HLF

The race for HLFs national campaign Every Ear Counts starts on  Tuesday 24 May at 12 noon in front of Parliament.

The aim of the campaign is the prevention of hearing loss among children and adolescents, and especially the severe condition tinnitus.
Figures from the Army shows that the number of hearing injuries among young people turning up for their  induction has  increased seven fold in four years.
Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) raised the alarm about 1.1 billion young people being at risk of hearing loss due to loud sound straight to their ears.
Every Ear Counts is an annual national campaign organized by the HLF. We provide free hearing testing and provide hearing aids at stands throughout the country.

Source: HLF / Norway Today



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