Jewelry must be removed for the hands to be as clean as possible

Prime Minister Erna SolbergPrime Minister Erna Solberg.Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix


Removing rings, watches and the like are common infection control procedures in the health service. One nurse thinks the decoration needs to be removed by the rest of us also.

Wedding rings, watches, long nails, and nail varnish must be removed in order for your hands to be as clean as possible to prevent coronavirus infection.

“Such simple measures improve hand hygiene, but not everyone appears to be aware of it,” says nurse Lill Nilsen of Moskenes municipality to NRK Nordland, and cites Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Minister of Health Bernt Høie as examples:

“After all, Erna has twelve sources of infection on her hands, even though they are freshly washed: A large watch, wedding ring, and nail polish. The Minister of Health also has a large watch. How does he wash? Does he take off his watch before washing his hands?” asks Nilsen, who calls for a greater focus on removing decorative accessories.

This also applies to nail varnish, which not only hides the dirt that accumulates under the nails.

“The varnish gets microscopic scratches that collect bacteria and viruses that we can’t see. Everything on our hands will contribute to spreading the virus further. Hand washing and disinfectant won’t be as effective as they could be,” she tells NRK.

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