Labour party top resigns after conflict with Stenseng

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Labour party top resigns after conflict with Stenseng

Rumors and a conflicts with party secretary Kjersti Stenseng, is according to the Labour top, Hans Kristian Amundsen, are the reason why he resigns.


Amundsen has been the leader of in the Labour Party secretariat in the Parliament since 2013.

– It’s not possible to assure that we can move on if the party secretary and I can not attend the same meetings.

There is nothing to be gained by saying what is wrong and what is wrong.

I just hope that there will be a climate for a trustworthy cooperation between the the secretariat in the Parliament and the leaders of the party at Youngstorget, writes Amundsen I just hope that there will be a climate for a trustworthy cooperation between the the secretariat in the Parliament and the leaders of the party headquarters at Youngstorget, writes Amundsen in an email to Nordnorsk debatt.

This was announced almost at the same time that the Labor Party released a press release that he had resgined

The fight surrounding the warning cases against the former deputy leader, Trond Giske, has thus taken a new turn, the day before the party’s Council will be convened for extraordinary meeting at Gardermoen.

Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre thanks in the press release Amundsen for his efforts for the party. NTB is informed that he is not available for further comments at the moment. Stenseng will not comment at the moment.

Calls for transparency

Amundsen and Stenseng have been in conflict about the handling of warning cases.

Amundsen tells NRK that he believes the Party could have been more open about, among other issues, about how many notifications they have received.

– Recently, we have discovered that we also have pockets of unsound culture, where rumors and untruths are used to harm party members, he writes.

Unreasonable accusations

Amundsen gets support from Ingunn Yssen, who not only is the leader of the Trade Union, but also the club leader for the Labour Party’s employees of the Parliament. She believes the secretariat has “done everything” to safeguard the security of the whistle blowers.

– Amundsen has stood up for the employees against unfair accusations of leakage and disloyalty. He has shown us what a good leadershp entails in troubled times, she continues.

The internal fight in the Labour Party has triggered a conflict between the staff at the Oarliament (Løvebakken) and those working at the nearby Party Office, where allegations of leaks have been the issue. According to VG, the counsellors in the Parliament are not allowed to be present at the country council meeting, which is viewed as distrust.

Giske resigned from office as deputy lleader on January 7. and on Thursday, Støre concluded that he had violated the party’s guidelines regarding sexual harassment. Giske’s advisors, Bård Flaarønning and Anne Therese Gullberg, have recently resigned from their positions.

Switch to politics

From several sources there is a wish that the party can put the Giske case to rest.

– I hope there will be a meeting where we can concentrate on politics and look forward, says the mayor of  Sandnes, Stanley Wirak, to NTB on Sunday.

He however thinks that there will be debate about how the party leadership has handled the matter.

– But we must not conclude now. We can continue throughout the spring iif we wish to, but that is not the manner to rebuild a party.

I think many people are focusing on the future, he says.

But several are critical that Støre chose to conclude the case while Giske was on a sick leave. His lawyers argue he has not been able to give his version of the events he is accused of. His advocates claim he has not been given the opportunity to tell his version of the events he is accused of. Among them are county leader Anne Marit Mevassvik in Trøndelag.

– I am concerned that Ap should spend time and energy on politics, and not in the least developing policies for a new era and for the whole country. The unrest in the party prevents us from doing this. It should be a concern to the party leader, she said before the weekend.


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