Large number of homeless animals

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The animal shelter found a home to 3,727 animals in 2019 and even more received help from the organization. 90 percent of the animals were cats.

A total of 6,069 family animals received direct assistance from the Animal Protection in 2019. Among other things, the organization also took care of 139 dogs and 285 rabbits. 89 of the dogs were relocated.

As in previous years, large quantities of animals are reported which the organization has no capacity to help.

In 2019, Animal Protection took over 409 animals from the authorities. These are mainly animals that the police or the Food Safety Authority have taken from the owner due to abuse and neglect. This is a decrease of 9.5 percent from the previous year.

A third of the rabbits who received help came from the authorities. Animal protection believes it indicates that some rabbits live in poor conditions in Norway.

– “There are probably many who do not understand that a rabbit requires as much as a dog, it lives for as long, it costs as much to bring it to a veterinarian, it needs a lot of space, and a rabbit is a friend to share life with,” says veterinary expert Birgitte Fineid in Animal Protection.

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