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Leila Bayat will probably remain in Norway anyway

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The Immigration Board withdrew the expulsion order for Leila Bayat (36) so that she can apply for family reunion with her 13 year old son.


But the Immigration Commission (UNE) made no concessions on sending her back to a whipping in Iran, reported TV 2 news.

Attorney General, Runar Ugelstad, called Wednesday’s decision a ‘’half victory’’.

‘’They have deleted the expulsion, allowing Leila to seek family reunion with her son in Norway, which is very unusual’’, said Ugelstad.

Should you apply for family reunification with a person in Norway, you normally must return to your home country, but UNE has made an exception to Bayat for the sake of her son, Mani.

When it comes to the question of whether Bayat had the right to receive asylum when she came to Norway, UNE stated that the decision is fixed, even if the expulsion is now being halted.

“We disagree with the asylum case, so it has to be resolved in the judicial system,” said Ugelstad.

Bayat has previously stressed that it is important for her that UNE admits that they were wrong when they treated her application, and that she spoke the truth when she said she would be whipped if she was sent back to Iran.


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