Man convicted of ordering childlike ‘sex doll’

Sex doll Sex dollsCustoms officers have impounded 21 Sex dolls. Photo: Tolletaten / NTB scanpix


A man in his 50’s from Fosen was convicted of having ordered a sex doll designed as a child.

The case was opened when a doll was seized by the Customs Service in 2016 reported Adresseavisen newspaper. Investigators searched the man’s home, where child abuse images were found. Among other things, he
chatted with another man about his under-age step daughters, which the court believed to be “sexually motivated”.

The 50-year-old was sentenced to 50 days in prison by Fosen District Court, of which 35 were conditional. He must also pay a fine of NOK 25,000, in addition to confiscation of his computer and telephone.

The man was sentenced for the same charges in April last year after confessing, but took the case to the Court of Appeal. There the verdict was revoked and sent back to the district court, because they believed that the court had not justified well enough why the purchase of the sex doll was illegal.

The new judgment states that the court was “convinced that the defendant would order a child sex doll”.

According to the defence appeal, Trond Sivertsvik did not think the chat and the sex doll were illegal. He also disagrees with the penalty level.

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