Man found guilty of buying child sex doll

Sex doll Sex dollsCustoms officers have impounded 21 Sex dolls. Photo: Tolletaten / NTB scanpix


A man is found guilty of buying child sex doll on the net

A 23-years-old man is in Stavanger District Court sentenced to three months of unconditional jail after ordering a sex doll that resembles a very young child.


According to the verdict, the doll was designed in such a way that it sexualises children. That is illegal according to Norwegian law, writes Stavanger Aftenblad.

When the police found out what the young man from Stavanger had ordered from China, they conducted a search of his home. Here they, among other findings, discovered seven hours of footage containing sexual abuse.

The accused, who refused to be guilty of ordering the doll and for downloading the abuse material, explained in court that what was found on his computer must have been bundled with larger legitimate downloads from the web. Another possible explanation the accused put forward was that the assault material might have been caused by a computer virus.

The court does not believe in the explanation and found him guilty of downloading the films and the ordering of the doll that resembled a between 4 and 6 years old girl.

The prosecutor, Police Attorney Øyvind Haukland, demanded that the accused should be sentenced to six months in prison, of which two months conditional, and a probationary period of two years. Mainly due to the lengthy processing time, the penalty is reduced to three months unconditional imprisonment only.

Police Captain denied guilt for looking at child abuse pictures

The Police Captain charged with seeking out and viewing child abuse online denied culpability in the Asker and Bærum District Court.

– He has partially acknowledged the facts, but not culpability, says Prosecutor in Møre and Romsdal Police District, Julie Ulstein, according to Norwegian TV 2. She believes that the court must disregard the Police Officer’s explanation, claiming it did not appear as credible.

His internet history log shows that the accused has gained access to material that essentially shows boys under the age of 18 who are portrayed in a sexualized manner, says Ulstein.

The prosecution claims that the man allegedly committed the offences from February 2016 to May 2017. The man was relieved of his leadership role in the police when the investigation was incepted in May last year and was suspended from his posting when the indictment was expanded.

The police conducted a search at the home of the leader and found a significant amount of abuse material. The man apparently did not save anything that he had watched.

– This is about mishits on the internet, where you wind up on pages unintentionally. He has no interest in watching child pornography, and, today, he has been crystal clear on that, says Defense Lawyer Line Margareta Foss in her closing statement.

– The sheer volume presented to the court today almost makes my head spin. I think this is absolutely terrible and I am unable to understand the ramifications of this, the accused explained to the court on Wednesday.


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