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Man ran from taxi bill of 18,000 kroner

TaxiTaxi. Photo: NTM


When the seven-hour taxi ride from Ålesund to Drammen was over, the passenger ran from the whole bill.


At 06.00 on Sunday morning, the police received a message from a taxi driver from Ålesund who had not been paid for a 60 mile, seven and a half hour drive, wrote Drammens Tidende newspaper.

The passenger, who had travelled by taxi from Vigra Airport outside Ålesund, ran off at a petrol station at Åssiden in Drammen, before he had paid his bill. The taxi’s bill was then at 18,000 kroner

‘The taxi driver didn’t get the money, but the passenger had delivered his bank card, so we know who he is. He is familiar to us from a previous relationship’, said Operations Manager of the Drammen Police, Svein Erik Gevelt.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today