Two migrants arrested at the Russian border

boder russia migrants kolaTwo citizens of the Republic of Nigeria were detained while trying to cross the border on the Kola Peninsula. This was just reported by the Russian Border Police (FSB) in the Murmansk region. Photo:

Two arrested at the border between Norway and Russia

Two Nigerian migrants who were on their way to the Norwegian border from Russia have been arrested by Russian border guards, reports the Barents Observer website.


According to the Barents Observer, the two Nigerians will be charged by Russian authorities for illegally trying to cross the border between Norway and Russia. The indictment means that the two may risk up to six years in prison. The case was first mentioned by the Russian newspaper Severpost.

It is not known exactly where the two migrants were detained, beyond that it was at the border between Norway and Russia. The border is 196 kilometres long. The terrain is characterized by mountains and rivers. According to Barents Observer, the number of attempts to cross the border has increased in recent weeks. At the beginning of August, two Indian nationals were arrested and sometime before that two groups of Nigerians were arrested.

During last year, large sums of money were invested in strengthening the surveillance at the border – both from the Russian and Norwegian side.

Border Commissioner Roger Jakobsen tells Barents Observer that he was not familiar with the recent arrest of the two Nigerians, but that he is generally pleased with the dialogue and cooperation with the Russian authorities.


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