More wolverines shot

wolverineWolverine. Photo:

A total of 123 wolverines were reported shot or killed in the hunting year 2015/2016. This is 27 more than in the previous hunting year. On the other hand, fewer bears and lynx were shot.

More wolverines killed as nuisance
In the hunting year 2015/2016, a total of 73 wolverines were shot as nuisance; an increase of 33 animals compared with the previous hunting year. A total of 141 hunting licences for wolverines were issued, and 44 animals were shot under licence. Compared with the hunting year 2015/2016, 3 fewer wolverines were shot.

Fewer lynx shot
A total of 78 lynx were reported shot or died of other causes last hunting year; a decline of 11 from the previous hunting year. In total, 66 lynx were shot as part of the quota hunting in the winter of 2016.

Fewer bears shot
In total, 10 bears were shot during the last hunting year; 5 were shot as nuisance, and 2 out of a quota of 12 were shot under licence, 1 was felled in self-defence and 2 were killed by other reasons. The total number of bears shot decreased by 2 compared to the previous hunting year.

In the hunting year 2015/2016, a total of 14 wolves were shot; 5 were killed as nuisance, 6 were shot under licence, 1 was killed illegally, 1 was killed in self-defence and 1 by other causes.


Source: SSB / Norway Today