Norwegian muslims concerned about hate attacks after mosque killings in New Zealand

Islamic Cultural CentreOslo.Islamic Cultural Centre.Photo : Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix


The police put in security measures around several mosques in Norway after the New Zealand attacks. In Grønland in Oslo, Muslims are concerned about increasing Muslim directed ’hate violence’.

In Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen, and in the Southeastern Police District, on Friday the police provided increased presence at mosques. The police patrolled in the areas around the mosques and worked preventively.

Currently, 49 people have been reported killed after several people attacked two mosques in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. While young and old gathered for Friday prayer, a man in military clothing entered with a semi-automatic rifle in his hands.

You get scared

Spokesperson, Arshad Jamil of Islamic Cultural Centers (ICC) mosque in Grønland in Oslo said that the mosque increased security after the attack and hired an external security company.

The Grønland Mosque is Oslo’s second largest with around 4,500 members.Generally, between 1,200 and 1,500 people gather for Friday prayer.

Spokesperson, Jamil, condemned the mosque attack and said people
have been concerned.

‘’You get scared, so thoughtful and planned as this was. In addition, he
had been inspired by Anders Behring Breivik’’ he told NTB news.

Fear several attacks

The perpetrator has been described as a right-wing extremist, and the
attack was described as the worst ever directed directly against Muslims in a Western country.

In a manifesto published by the man behind the New Zealand terror
attack, it is claimed that he had been in contact with Anders Behring
Breivik, and that he was inspired by the Norwegian.

Spokesperson Jamil is concerned that people in other parts of the
world may also be inspired by this attack – both right-wingers and
so-called ‘extreme Islamists’.

“Personally, I think this attack was not so coordinated that it will
happen in more places on Friday, but that it could happen in the future” he said.

Increased security

Abdul Wahab Najeed is one of the volunteers with yellow vests in the mosque this Friday. He believes the attacks in New Zealand show that there are feelings in the community that move muslims to act.

‘’We saw after the July 22nd Norwegian attacks that the tough tone changed, but after a few weeks we were back to the same.

I hope that governments in all countries now take Islamophobia

On Friday, the Islamic Council of Norway wrote on their Facebook page that they are in regular contact with the police after the attack, and the Muslim Dialogue Network (MDN) has issued a call for increased security.

Must take hate crimes against muslims seriously

City councillor in Oslo, Nasir Ahmed of Arbeiderpartiet (AP), who was attending the Friday prayers in the mosque in Grønland, said that the fear of an attack is something everyone feels after such an event.

He called for “proper measures” against hate crime and thinks the possible Breivik link is frightening.

‘’Increasing hate crime is a major challenge that the authorities must take seriously’’ he told NTB news.

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