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Norwegian seafood to crown best restaurants

World's 50 Best Restaurants 2018 - Bilbao. Photo: the Norwegian Seafood CouncilWorld's 50 Best Restaurants 2018 - Bilbao. Photo: the Norwegian Seafood Council


Norwegian seafood to crown World’s 50 Best Restaurants

When the gastronomic elite gathers in Singapore to name the world’s 50 best restaurants, they are served and presented with top-class Norwegian shellfish.
As an official seafood partner for the prestigious event, «Seafood from Norway» and the Norwegian Seafood Council will lift several Norwegian seafood products into the top eateries of the planet.

The prestigious list of who is among the top 50 restaurants on the planet is presented during a grand gathering at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre in Singapore on June 25th.

The event brings the world’s leading gastronomic environment together.

“Here we will serve and present Norwegian shellfish for the chefs, restaurant owners, journalists, food bloggers and the authors that the rest of the world looks at when the very best and outstanding are to be defined. This will help to raise the status of our raw materials to even higher peaks,” Project Manager of the Norwegian Seafood Council, Synne Guldbrandsen, explains.

Wishes for more Norwegian shellfish on the menu of the top restaurants

The approximately 1,200 participants will be served different dishes made from exclusive Norwegian shellfish products in connection with the award.

“This is a very good opportunity to connect valuable contacts between players who are already delivering, or are in a position to, deliver seafood products to the top-level restaurants in the world. This event is a unique meeting place for those who work within this exclusive segment,” Guldbrandsen continues.


Long-term positioning work for shellfish and «Seafood from Norway»

The Norwegian Seafood Council, in collaboration with the shellfish industry, wants to make the best chefs aware of exclusive niche products that would otherwise have gone under their radar.

After the awards in Singapore, the Norwegian Seafood Council will continue to work on the creme de la creme of the restaurants; to show the chefs the quality and history of the Norwegian raw materials.

The goal is that several of these enterprises will place Norwegian shellfish on their menu, even beyond the products that are included in the award ceremony.

“There is considerable potential in increasing knowledge and preference for Norwegian shellfish in general among top chefs. This could also contribute to increasing the image of Norwegian seafood as a whole, by shellfish paving the way as an exclusive spearhead,” Guldbrandsen emphasizes.

«The World’s 50 Best Restaurants» awards

The crowning of the 50 best restaurants in the world is an annual rating that, alongside the Guide Michelin, is considered to be the world’s most important competition for restaurants. This is the 18th time that this list is being presented.

The list is developed by 27 regional panels consisting of a total of 1,000 prominent restaurant critics, chefs, restaurant owners and gastronomes.

Each panel consists of 36 members, who have seven votes each. At least three of a member’s votes must be given to a restaurant outside of the region.

Summary and sundry

The list of the world’s 50 best restaurants will be published on June 25th in Singapore.

In connection with the partnership agreement, the Norwegian Seafood Council wants to get in touch with shellfish suppliers that:

  • Are experienced with this most demanding part of the restaurant market
  • Possess the necessary certifications/classifications
  • Have a documentable distribution solution in place for this segment
  • Want to take advantage of this opportunity to be part of the Norwegian delegation in Singapore

Preliminary time frame: June 22nd-26th, program under preparation.

© Norwegian Seafood Council / #Norway Today
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