NRK boss: Could not happen in Norway

Sveriges Television NRKSveriges Television has raised debate after denouncing åkeson in Live debate


NRK boss: Could not happen in Norway

According to Broadcasting Director Thor Gjermund Eriksen, NRK debate leaders would never distance themselves from a political party leader’s statements.


During the live party debate on Friday night, debate leader Martina Nord said that Swedish Television (SVT) took distance from a statement from Leader of the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna), Jimmie Åkesson. Åkesson said that one must ask oneself why so many foreigners cannot get a job in Sweden despite many efforts.

– It’s because they are not Swedes. They do not fit into Sweden, and it is obvious that it’s hard to get a job because of that, the party leader stated.

It has raised eyebrows that the Swedish Public Broadcaster denounced the statement. In Norway, broadcasting director Thor Gjermund Eriksen says something similar would never happen here.

– A party leader must take the responsibility for almost any conceivable statement that might be uttered, that is not the role of NRK or other media, says Eriksen to NTB.

Not conceivable in Norway

He says he can not imagine a possible situation where NRK or the program leader had to intervene and distance themselves from statements that might be uttered by a responsible leader of a major political party.

– This could have been considered differently if it had involved other people, but a single statement by a party leader would never be considered in this way, Eriksen continues.

The CEO of NRK also believes that the situation describes the fundamental difference between Norway and Sweden and not an inequality between SVT and NRK.

– Nor do I think that this would be a case for the Press Ethical Authority (PFU) either, as SVT says about the matter. In Norway there would be broad consensus that this had not been a violation of the ethical rules governing the press, says Eriksen.


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