Oslo Progress Party wants referendum on monarchy

Oslo Progress Party wants referendum on monarchyPolitician Aina Stenersen in the progress party.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

Aina Stenersen of  Oslo FRP does not want a Republic, and proposes a referendum on the monarchy in Norway.

On Thursday it was announced that Labour’s deputy Hadia Tajik and over 80 percent of the youngest members of the Ap group in the parliament want  to remove the royal house and introduce the republic in Norway. Oslo Progress Party does not want this, but wants to propose a referendum on this issue.
– It is important to hear what people think, not just me and the other politicians at Stortinget. Therefore we want referendum on the monarchy, says Aina Stenersen, head of Oslo Progress Party. The proposal will be made at the national convention of the Progress Party  in late April, she said.
– I think it’s remarkable that Tajik wants a republic. We have a long and strong tradition of monarchy in Norway, and I am proud of the values ​​and traditions that the royal family represents. They have been quick to modernize themselves, and show great openness, she says.
Along with the referendum on the monarchy,  Oslo FRP also wants a referendum on immigration policy.
– You can have several questions in a referendum, it is more efficient than having several separate referendums. We want to hear if people want a stricter immigration policy. We first of all want to hear what people think, and politicians in Norway have a responsibility to act up on what the citizens of this country believe,  Stenersen says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today