Pharmacists hope the new data system will prevent prescription fraud

BootsBoots drugstore.Photo: Norway Today Media


Pharmacists hope a new data system will make it even more difficult to access medications that one should not be able to obtain.


The new system will allow the pharmacies to communicate between themselves, but also doctors and other public systems, reports NRK.

– “It will be very easy for a pharmacy to check when the patient got a prescription filled, and how much they received. That way, it would be easier to detect if someone has received several prescriptions from more than one doctor and avoid prescription fraud,” says Per Kristian Faksvåg, Senior Vice President, Pharmacy Association.

The site refers to a case where a patient had received many prescriptions from different doctors across large parts of the country.

“The prescriptions were applied for addictive medications,” says Kornèl Kiss at Fritzøe Pharmacy in Larvik. He sent a concern message to the County Governor of Vestfold about the matter.

The introduction of e-prescriptions has made it harder to cheat on prescriptions of addictive medications, but the problem has not decreased.


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