Police scale down investigation of missing Arjen Kamphuis

Arjen KamphuisArjen Kamphuis.Photo: Dennis van Zuijlekom / NTB scanpix

The Nordland police still don’t know what happened to the missing WikiLeaks employee, Arjen Kamphuis.Now the investigation is stepping down somewhat.


Nordland police district continue the investigation,and conduct a continuous assessment of the resources set for the case wrote Avisa Nordland newspaper.

Kamphuis (46) was last seen on August 20th.Then he left the hotel Scandic in Bodø, and the police believe he took a local train to Rognan.

The police have investigated the main theories; namely that Kamphuis had been exposed to an accident or a criminal offence, or that he himself has chosen to stay hidden.

“The police have continued to be unable to rule out some of these”said police inspector Bjarte Walla of the Nordland police district.

A central part of the investigation is also linked to Kamphuis’ telephone use at a base station in Vikeså, Rogaland ten days later,on the 30th of August.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today