The police will get the drilling gang by comparing leads

The police will take the drilling gang by comparing tracksMoss.Attempts of forced entry. Photo: Tor Aage Hansen / NTB scanpix
Investigators from five police districts will  now join forces and look for similarities from the crime scenes in their respective districts that might lead them to the drilling gang that has ravaged eastern Norway.
– We have had a meeting today and decided to work together to catch these bandits. The responsibility for coordinating the efforts has been assigned to Oslo,  police superintendent Stig Vassbø at the Intelligence and crime for profit section at Majorstuen police said.
“We”  in this context are the police at Romerike Follo, Østfold, Buskerud, and Oslo. All the municipalities apart from Oslo have in a couple of weeks experienced around 40  burglaries that all have been done in much the same manner: the perpetrator – or -perpetrators – has drilled through window sills to pry up the catches on the inside of the glass.
In most cases it is just a matter of loss of relatively small  amounts values or valuables; like money, watches and electronics. It seems that is the great number of burglaries that has lead the police to deciding to a putting significant resources into finding the so-called drilling gang.
The Police does not know anything about the person or persons responsible for the burglaries, whether it’s only one person, a group of people or several groups using the same method.
– We have many theories, but so far we do not know anything about the person or persons responsible. Crime technicians have examined all the crime scenes, and we will now start by comparing our results and make further investigations  in order to find more clues,  Vassbø says.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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