Polish couple hid large number of cigarettes in a secret room

cigarettesCigarettes.Photo: pixabay.com


The custom officer made a big catch when they stopped a German registered camping car at the border in Ørje on Saturday afternoon. In a secret room there were 159,800 cigarettes.

The Polish couple, a man of 47 years and a woman of 30, who drove the car, said they knew nothing about the cigarettes. Custom officer been told that the purpose of the trip was to go on vacation, first to Kristiansand and then to Bergen.

– This is the largest seizure of cigarettes at Ørje in 2016, writes Customs Administration on its website.

The vehicle was stopped by vigilant customs officers at the border crossing on the E18 at Ørje.

When the car was run through the scanner it showed that something was hidden in the rear part of the car. It turned out to be a secret room carrying 160,000 cigarettes.

Customs seizure represents 519,000 NOK as fine. Now Customs Administration revoke the car because it is used to smuggle goods with.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today