Remember to have KvoteAppen during the autumn vacation

KvoteAppenKvoteAppen.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

At the beginning of the autumn holiday over 140,000 people have downloaded KvoteAppen.

-KvoteAppen isa success, says department director Paul Hellesylt from the Customs and movement of goods department in the Customs Directorate. During the first three months, more than 140,000 people downloaded KvoteAppen and nearly 7000 declarations of alcohol and tobacco products have been made.
This is the first KvoteApp where one can declare goods. Here the public can count on the different options for quotas of alcohol and tobacco products, as well as the quantities that can pass customs clearance. It has become easy to do what is right, something those traveling abroad in the autumn holiday also should think about.
Pay fees in the app and go green
KvoteAppen can also be used to declare (pay taxes) before crossing the border without having to use the red zone.
That means you can run over the unmanned border crossings around the clock as long as you have been cleared for alcohol and tobacco goods – regardless of whether you come by car, boat, plane or train. If you are stopped by customs officials, then you show the receipt you received in the app as evidence that the fees are paid.
In KvoteAppen you easily enter what you have with you of alcohol tobacco and the app calculates whether you are above or below the raveling quota. If you have goods beyond the quota, you can pay the fee until 24 hours before crossing the border. KvoteAppen makes it easy to do right. Download it from the App store or Google Play today!



Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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