Report: NAV staff snooping on friends and celebrities

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NAV employees snooping around on themselves, family and friends and celebrities. The risk for them to be found is very low, according to a new report.


– This is not okay. We have a lot of information about people which is necessary for us to do our job. Our users shall be confident that we treat their information properly, said Labor and Welfare Director Sigrun Vågeng.

She even ordered the report after in February it became known that an employee had abused his position and mistreat the confident information within management systems. The employee lost his job.

Also OAG (Riksrevisjonen) has criticized NAV and now it turns out that the scope of snooping is “a bigger game than NAV can accept,” the report said.

Snooping on colleagues and celebrities

Employees must log in with their username and password when they seek in the many records they have access to but records showing who has applied for access to whose information are not followed up adequately.

Thus, employees without fear of being discovered checking the information for themselves, friends, family, colleagues and celebrities. The motifs include curiosity or to examine or affect benefits matters. A portion also makes illegal search when they are being trained.

– It is serious that a large public agency does not have restrict rules and follow up, says Helge Veum, technology director in Inspectorate (Datatilsynet).


Source: NRK NEWS / Norway Today

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