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Residents worry about dangerous traffic incidents

traffic incidentsTraffic incidents.Photo.

In a police-citizen survey conducted in 2016, it reveals that 32% of residents are worried about being injured in hazardous traffic accidents. That is the area where the most fear of accidents exists.

The study also shows that citizens have high confidence in the police’s ability to handle dangerous traffic incidents. Two out of three people surveyed said they believe the police handle these situations well.

It’s not very surprising that the fear of traffic accidents is at the top in this survey.

‘We all have a relationship to traffic, whether on foot, in a car or on a bus. It’s something we do every day, and it’s something that has some risk attached to it. It is, therefore, particularly pleasing that two out of three people believe the police handle these events well’, commented Police Director, Odd Reidar Humlegård.

Online fraud, identity theft, stealing and burglary

In second place for incidents with which citizens are most concerned, come online scams (29%) and identity theft (27%). Then follows theft in public places (mugging), and burglaries (about 20%).


Source:  Norway Today

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