45-years-old found guilty of buying a childlike sex doll

childlike sex doll tromsPicture of a childlike sex doll advertised by a Chinese company. Picture: Linda Ikeji / screengrab


45-years-old found guilty of buying a childlike sex doll

A 45-years-old man from Finnmark is convicted of having imported a 1-metre tall sex doll from Japan, which the Hålogaland District Court finds to be childlike.

The District Court describes the sex doll as “a sex toy shaped like the body of a minor child” in the verdict against the 45-years-old. He has now been sentenced to 60 days imprisonment and a fine of NOK 10,000 – for the import of the doll, as well as possession of animated abuse material and a less serious, arms-related indictment.

The accused acknowledge the facts before the court but denies criminal culpability. The man’s defence lawyer, John Christian Elden, states that the doll is not covered by the Norwegian criminal code’s prohibition of sexualised representation of children and that there is no practice that provides a basis for concluding so.

The court rejects the explanation by the accused that the Japanese sex doll could be ordered with different breast sizes as completely irrelevant: «The sex doll is supposed to depict a female child far younger than puberty», Hålogaland Court of Appeal concludes.



Dates back to 2016

The verdict didn’t fall until last week, even though the indictments originate from 2016. It has in the meantime been treated by the Supreme Court. The Court of Appeal refused to treat the man’s appeal against the original ruling by the District Court. The 45-years-old appealed this decision to the Supreme Court using the same allegations as Elden used during the proceedings in the Court of Appeal.

The Appeals Committee of the Supreme Court in its ruling highlights that the questions raised by Elden have not been tried before the Supreme Court before and that the only verdict involving the subject is an acquittal by a Court of Appeal. This ruling emphasises that this subject «on several points calls for a more detailed account of the implementation of the act and the criminality criteria».

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  1. Joakim Haugen | 22. May 2019 at 09:49 |

    So this person got 60 days in jail for committing no crime, but since the judge felt it could be a crime she made it a crime despite what the law says. And then we have Jo Erik Bøyn a member of a SV and a psychologist for barnevernet who had 200.000 hardcore child porn pictures and movies got 60 days of community service and was allowed to keep his two surrogate daughters that he raise alone. Good to know the law means nothing in Norway and it is all about that time of month that matters..

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