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The Red Cross offers around the clock services for people on their deathbed

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In four counties in Norway, volunteers in the Red Cross offer a hand to hold, when death is approaching. Now the Red Cross would like to expand this service to the whole country.

The volunteers are called wakers, and should be a supplement to the professional and established health care system, NRK reports.

The service offers volunteers who provide a comforting hand to hold for those lying on their deathbed, either in a nursing home or at home. The idea is that no one should die alone or feel loneliness towards the end of life.

“We are present for both the person dying and their relatives. We share 24 hours so that relatives get rest. In other cases, there may not be any relatives, or we are there in anticipation of relatives who may not live in the same area,” says leader Even Strømman for the national initiative in the Red Cross.

Today, 20 Red Cross associations in four counties offer these services. The number of wakers is expected to double over the next year. The Red Cross estimates that all the counties of the country will have the offer within two to three years.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today
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