The US Embassy in Norway supports demonstrations

The new US embassy at Huseby in OsloThe new US embassy at Huseby in Oslo.Photo: Den amerikanske ambassade / NTB scanpix

On Friday, a demonstration is planned outside the US embassy in Oslo in connection with George Floyd’s death. The embassy says it supports the demonstration.

“The US embassy in Oslo shares the sadness and sorrow of George Floyd’s death with so many in our country and people around the world,” an embassy press release said.

On Friday at 16, a demonstration is planned outside the embassy, which is located at Huseby in Oslo. Over 14,000 people have signed up for the Facebook event.

“We fully support the right of those who have expressed their opinions outside our embassy, and those who plan to do so later this week. We believe that peaceful public debate and open dialogue will help us all to achieve peace in American society, in addition to security, equal opportunities and dignity for all,” the statement from the embassy further states.

46-year-old George Floyd died on Monday last week during an arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A video of the incident shows a police officer holding Floyd down with his knee pressed against his neck, and this has triggered massive demonstrations both in the US but also in several European cities.

“His death is a tragic reminder of our nation’s long road to becoming a more just and equal society. We send our deepest condolences to Floyd’s family,” the embassy writes.

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  1. An excellent, positive, compassionate response from our U.S. Embassy.

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