Three car fires in less than two hours in Oslo

Police at workPolice at work.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

On Friday night, police and firemen were called to three car fires in less than two hours. The police are investigating whether there is a connection.


The fires took place over a large area, the first one at Holmlia,another one at Sinsen, and the third at Romsås. In total, four cars were totally destroyed by the flames.

“We investigated each case individually, but it is also natural to see them in context,” said operations manager, Tor Jøkling, of Oslo Police District to NTB news.

He believes that it is striking that three fires broke out in such a short time, but emphasised that they are not yet sure whether the fires were caused by arson. On the other hand, the police also found no other reasons why the cars would catch fire.

So far no witness have been found.

Road closed

The last fire was reported to the police at 02.52.

“Two vehicles burned in ‘Odvar Solbergs vei’ in Romsås.

We had to stop the traffic in both directions,’’ said Jøkling.

He stated that the crimes division was sent to the spot to do various surveys of the cars and the immediate area.

Rail traffic

The first message about fires arrived at 01.06. A car was burning in Hallagerbakken at Holmlia, and there was a danger of it spreading to two cars nearby. The fire service had extinguished the fire by 01.25.

Half an hour later, there was a new report at Sinsen, at 01.58.

The burning car here was close to the train lines, and the police stopped rail traffic for a while to be on the safe side.

The Crime division also moved out to the fire at Sinsen, and conducted investigations on the spot. There were also dog patrols in the area without any findings.


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