Tourist gem in Lofoten is closed off

Tourist gemReine seen from the top of the mountain, Photo: Michael Haferkamp - Own work

Dangerous tourist gem in Lofoten is closed off by the municipality

Tourists in droves are defying warnings against climbing Reinebringen in Moskenes in Lofoten. Now the municipality is blocking access to the mountainous tourist gem until the path is secured.

– It’s a tourist magnet, and we would like to make sure it’s safe to go there, says Per A. Sperstad to NRK. He is the Alderman for Mosken municipality

Annually several thousand people defies warnings against climbing the popular mountain with it’s spectacular panorama. The trail is referred to as downright dangerous, and the municipality has since last year been working to build a staircase in the mountainside.

Cordoned off

The municipality has ordered signs show “construction site” and “no trespassing.” They will be put up as soon as they are delivered, and not removed before the stairs are completed.

– We are also going to cordon it of to regulate traffic more heavy-handedly, says the Alderman.

Over the past seven years, four people lost their lives attempting to ascend Reinebringen. The latest incident was in January, when an American tourist had to be brought down in a rescue mission.


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