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Trumf cuts in EuroBonus yield

EuroBonus TrumpYou now get 13.5 instead of 15 in EuroBonus points when converting from Trump bonus. The difference is 1.5 points. The change comes into effect on September 1st.

Trumf cuts in EuroBonus yield

Trumf reduces bonus earning when converting to EuroBonus points. The current solution is too expensive to operate, according to the loyalty program.

Fixed conversions from Trumf to EuroBonus previously gave 15 EuroBonus points per Trump point (which is basically worth one NOK). Trumf now warns that they will have to lower the point value to 13.5 for automatic transfers. The change comes into effect on September 1st, 2019,  the Consumer Portal reports.

“We, unfortunately, have to adjust the rate for automatic transfers. This is because today’s solution is too expensive to operate. We hope that you still want to make use of automatic transfers; it still has a favourable conversion rate. The conversion rate for one-time transfer is unchanged (NOK 1 = 10 EuroBonus points), Trumf writes in an email to its members on July 31st.

That means the scheme is just about back where it was when earning increased in March last year. The conversion rate was 13.88 EuroBonus points per Trumf crown then. You still get at least 1 per cent converted to Trumf bonus with a regular Trump membership.

A new exchange rate after September 1st

You also get points if you shop online through the partners of Trumf, for example via their own portal ViaTrumf. It may, however, take some time before these points are registered in your Trump account.

These points get a conversion rate based on when they are reimbursed to your account, according to Trumf. Ipso ergo, not based on the conditions at the time of purchase.

This means that the points you earn on trading today risk being worth 13.5 EuroBonus points, rather than 15 points. For example, 1,000 Trumf points will be worth 15,000 EuroBonus points if registered today, but only 13,500 if that occurs after the end of August.



Consequences for credit card points

There are between 10 and 20 credit cards that allow you to earn EuroBonus points regardless of Trumf membership, but most who own such cards choose to combine with Trumf for maximum point yield.

Credit cards, which yields 10 EuroBonus points per NOK 100 spent, previously had a ratio of 25 per 100 – when combined with a regular Trumf card from partners. These cards are now reduced to 23.5 EuroBonus points per 100 spent.

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