Trump supporters storm US Congress, one woman shot

Ruben GallegoPhoto: AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

The US Congress building was shut down after reports that people had entered the building. On the outside, there were clashes between police and Trump supporters.

Live footage from the site shows that many protesters gathered outside the building.

The reason for the lockdown of Congress is an external security threat. 

Protesters have tried to storm the building, according to several media outlets.

Congress session interrupted

According to several American media, people have managed to get into Congress. The session of Congress was abruptly interrupted, and the process of approving the election result was halted.

Protesters have broken through barricades in the back of the Capitol building in Washington. 

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters.

A video on Twitter, posted by a Washington Post journalist, shows many people moving past the barricades while shouting “USA, USA.”

Suspicious package

A suspicious package has also been found in the area, according to Capitol Hill police.

Two buildings, the James Maddison Memorial Building that houses the Library of Congress and the Cannon House Office Building, have been evacuated.

Employees at the Congress were asked by the police to leave the building.

Thousands of people have turned out to show support for President Donald Trump and protest against the election result.

During a speech in front of the White House, Trump said he would never give up or declare an election defeat.

CNN: Woman treated for gunshot wounds to the chest

According to two anonymous sources, a woman is in critical condition after being shot in the chest at the Congressional grounds, CNN reports.

The sources could not provide other information about the circumstances surrounding the incident, according to CNN.

The information has not been officially confirmed yet. 

Several police officers were also injured in the violence, according to CNN sources. 

At least one police officer has been sent to the hospital.

It is not known if the woman was shot inside the congress building or outside.

The news agency AP also has sources that say that one person was shot in Congress. 

Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy told Fox News that he heard on a police radio that someone had been shot.

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