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Warning about unsafe ice in Agder

lake winter dam unsafe ice agderAerial photo of lakes and dams in Bykle municipality. Here from the Vatnedalsvatn lake. Stock Photo: Anders Martinsen / Agder Energi.


Warning about unsafe ice in West Agder

The ice is unsafe on regulated lakes. Skiers and others travelling on these are encouraged to be very careful. All traffic on the Skjerkevatn Lake in Åseral in West Agder is discouraged.

Cracks will occur in the ice along regulated shores due to draining. Furthermore, the current conditions of the water will provide open rifts and patches of rotten ice. Snow can also cover areas with rotten ice. In areas with a lot of snow, the weight of the snow is so large that the ice is pushed down. This causes water to seep through cracks in the ice and form poodles.

The ice conditions on Skjerkevatn have changed since the water level of the water magazine was increased in December 2017. The ice is more rotten than before, and there is open water. All traffic on Skjerkevatn during winter is discouraged!

Map of regulated lakes

Maps have been made For most hiking areas on which dangerous areas are clearly marked. Agder Energi has made a map of regulated lakes in Åseral. The map is available in shops and ski centres in Åseral, and at DNT Sør (The Norwegian Tourist Association South).

Maps of regulated lakes in the Arendal watercourse are placed in parking lots at relevant points of departure, as well as on notice boards in shops.


On the ski trail map for Hovden, prepared by the local tourist industry, the regulated waterways in the upper part of the Otra River down to Brokke are marked. The map is for sale in, among other places, accommodations at Hovden in Setesdal. The map is also placed at the prepared ski trails in the area.

The Otteraa Landowners Association, in cooperation with Otra Power, has prepared an own map of regulated lakes and rivers in the upper parts of the Otra watercourse. This map can be obtained at the tourist office at Hovden.

Regulated areas in the Finså watercourse in Sirdal are added to maps issued by the Sira Kvina Power Company. Maps of regulated water in the Finså and Mandal watercourses are placed on parking lots at relevant points of departure, as well as on bulletin boards.

Other relevant links

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate has prepared a separate chart of unsafe ice on its webpages, in addition to the avalanche warnings on

See also DNT South’s overview (pdf) of marked ski trails and winter marked routes.

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