Veterinarians are asked to provide equipment during the coronavirus outbreak

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From disposable gloves to respirators, veterinarians have been asked to make these available so that they can be used to treat people with the coronavirus.

All veterinarians who are members of the Veterinary Association have been asked to contact the administration in the municipality they belong to. This is so that they can offer assistance and give information on what kind of expertise and equipment they have available, reports The  Nation.

“Gloves, coats, disinfectants that the veterinarians wear at the clinic are the same ones used in health care. Small animal clinics may have respirators and oxygen generators that can also be used in human medicine,” explained
President Torill Moseng of the Norwegian Veterinary Association to the newspaper.

Moseng has yet to be told if there is an acute veterinary shortage anywhere in the country as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The veterinarians are among the occupational groups that have a socially critical function during an epidemic because they help ensure food supply. They must provide good animal welfare and safe, disease-free food, writes The Nation.

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