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The day of the wildflowers celebrates bumblebees and bees in nature

flower's day Flower's day.Photo : Paul Kleiven / NTB scanpix

On Sunday the day of the wildflowers will be celebrated with flower walks across the country

– There are over 1,500 wild plants in Norway, all of them in different colors and shapes, and you can find them on your doorstep. I want to inspire people to get out and look at the nature and flowers around us, says May Berthelsen, national coordinator for  the day of the wildflowers.

On Sunday the Botanical Association  invites people to join one of the 50 trips they are organizing all over the country to celebrate the flowers growing in nature. This year’s subject is the flowery meadows that are disappearing, and why they are so important for both us and pollinating insects.

The association will give advice to people on how they can make their own flower meadows with wild plants and therby  helping plants, bumblebees and bees.
– There are not many people who know that without our wild flowers, there wouldn’t be any bumblebees and bees. And without bumblebees and bees then things would be much worse for the blueberries in the woods, apples in the garden and many of the vegetables and fruits  in the vegetable counter. Because of this we have a special responsibility to take care of the flora of the flowers in nature, says Berthelsen.
In Oslo the day of the wild flowers is celebrated in Gressholmen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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