Voluntary organizations in Norway increase but not due to religious beliefs

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The number of voluntary organizations has increased over the last ten years, both nationally and locally, and Norwegians are members of two of such organizations on average.

This is according to a
new report from the Centre for Research on Civil Society and the Voluntary Sector at the Department of Social Research and NORCE, where developments over the last ten years were examined.

The number of NGOs has increased from 3,395 to 3,875, and local ones have increased from 86,700 to 95,300. The “culture and leisure” and “housing and economy” sectors in particular are on the rise, while “faith and outlook” is the only category on the decline, reports Vårt Land.

“The main reason why this field of belief and view of life emerges negatively is because many local branches have closed down or merged. The main reason is an increasingly aged population and poorer recruitment compared to other fields,” said senior researcher Karl Henrik Sivesind at the Department of Social Research.

However, religious and life-based organizations have increased their income, largely because they have loyal donors and also receive some through inheritance. For religious and religious organizations, the share of money gifts and inheritance in the total income picture has increased from 36 to 41 per cent.

In total, all organizations have 9.5 million memberships, compared to 8.9 million ten years ago, an increase that reflects population growth and shows that on average we are a member of 1.9 voluntary organizations each.

According to the report, the framework conditions for volunteering in Norway have improved. The largest impact came via the system of VAT compensation and increased support from lottery funds.

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