Withholding of chemotherapy to push up the price

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A pharmaceutical company is fined for a premeditated withholding of supplies including medicine against bone marrow cancer, so as to push up prices.
It has been so difficult to obtain the drug Alkeran that Norwegian hospitals have been forced to prioritize between different patients, and as a result some patients have not received treatment.

– This whole setup has seemed strange and incomprehensible, and it’s good that we have an explanation now, said cancer Professor Anders Waage at NTNU Dagens Medicine.

Aspen Pharmacare, a large pharmaceutical company based in South Africa, is now fined by the Italian authorities. The fine is almost $ 5.5 million, according statnews.com.

They have withheld supplies of medicines to push up the price by 1,500 percent, for Alkeran and several other cancer medications.

– Using cancer patients to exert pressure, shows a complete lack of morals, said medical specialty director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency, Steinar Madsen to the website.

Madsen says one can’t yet determine if this has hit Norway directly, but confirms the longstanding problems of getting hold of the drug.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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