Young Bloods are weakened

Police Inspector Grete Metlid Young BloodsHead of FEE, Police Inspector Grete Metlid, informs the press in connection with a suspicious death at Bjørndal in Oslo. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

The police believe that Young Bloods are weakened

The Oslo police are of the opinion that the Young Bloods gang is weakened after a long period of being targeted.

“We are definitive of the view that the criminal Young Bloods gang is weakened. This we believe is the result of an effort that has been going on over time,” Police Inspector in Oslo Police District, Grete Metlid, tells TV 2.

She also adds that some actors are still active, which means that the police continue their investigative work.

Even though Young Bloods now seems to be less of a factor, the police fear that other criminal groups will fill the void, including the 313 Gang on Tøyen in Oslo and/or the MC club Satudarah.

Highlights one case

The Nationwide broadcaster highlights one of the cases that the police have been working on, which has just been brought before the Oslo District Court. The case started in 2017 when a man searched for drugs in a wooded area at Holmlia in Oslo. The police had seized the drugs and set up a camera. The camera recorded the man and others who appeared to look around in the area.

This was a breakthrough in the case, where six men are charged. Five of them acknowledge the sale of drugs, one acknowledges possession of weapons, but all refuse to have a link to Young Bloods.

“We, naturally, assumed that somebody would come and look for the drugs. We, therefore, chose to set up a camera in order to film them when they returned to the place,” Police Lawyer in Oslo Police District, Andreas Meeg-Bentzen, explains.

All the defendants deny any affiliation with an organised criminal environment. Meeg-Bentzen has claimed three to four years in prison. He believes the videos are important proof.

“This is a suitable area for drug storage, aka drug depot, which someone has set up in a public area to be able to distance himself from the drugs,” he elaborates.

Only one of the charged men denies that he was looking for drugs in the forest. He explained before the court that he was looking for his missing watch.

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