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Fourcade secured gold despite three misses

Oslo:World Cup Biathlon in Holmenkollen 2016. Ole Einar Bjorndal 2 shooting SundayOslo:World Cup Biathlon in Holmenkollen 2016. Ole Einar Bjorndal 2 shooting Sunday.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix


World Cup biathlon 2016 – Two misses in the last shooting was not enough to prevent Martin Fourcade to follow Saturday’s sprint gold with a new victory on the World Cup “pursuit” contest on Sunday.
Super Veteran Ole Einar Bjørndalen secured his second silver in two days, while Emil Hegle Svendsen got the bronze medal.
Fourcade started 27 seconds ahead of the challengers when he began  the heron’s Pursuit during the World Cup biathlon.
The Frenchman ,as expected, lead up to the first shooting. There  he showed what he was made of and got five hits, before Johannes Thingnes Bø, Ole Einar Bjørndalen and Saturday’s bronze winner, Ukrainian Sergei Semenov, reached the pitch.
Tvingens Bø did as well as the Frenchman, and with five quick hits he went out 30 seconds behind World Cup leader.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today