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Sports heads called into the office of the Minister of Culture

Sports peaks is called the inn to the Minister Culture Minister Linda Hofstad Helleland .Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix


The heads of the Norwegian Confederation of Sports (NIF) have  to explain to Culture Minister Linda Hofstad Helleland  why they think it is wrong to show their own travel expenses.
The minister told  the newspaper VG that she has invited the leaders of the federation to a meeting Friday to talk about economic transparency in the association.
– I want to hear what they think about their own transparency practices, and how they will ensure the legitimacy of the Norwegian sport onwards, by ensuring openness practices that are perceived as satisfactory in the rest of society,  Hofstad Helleland says.
She added that she looks forward to hearing what measures they will implement in order to ensure that the  organization is seen to be open and transparent.
NIF gets 87 percent of its revenue from the public. But since they are not subject to FOIA, the possibilities of access are very limited.
– I will consider the extent to which the public has access opportunities today, in order to ensure we and the rest of the public are more in control of how the money is managed, said Minister of Culture.
Hofstad Helleland emphasizes that she is referring to the central committees and boards in the NOC and emphasizes that she does not intend to frame small sports clubs or volunteers.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today   In 06,08