Woman to prison for fraud with bunads

Woman sentenced to prison for fraud with bunadsA 30-year-old woman has been sentenced to 55 days’ imprisonment for fraud after selling bunads that she never made – or delivered – to her customers. The asking price for each of the hand embroidered traditional Norwegian costumes where tens of thousands of Norwegian kroner.

Deadly dog disease in Bærum

A dog in Bærum has dead from contagious liver inflammation, and another dog is suspected of having the disease.   This weekend has the dog’s…

Dog found marijuana plantation

Man sentenced to prison after a dog discovered his marijuana plantation A man is sentenced to prison by the Tønsberg District Court after a dog…

Three wolves kill dog in Eidskog

On Saturday, a Jack Russell terrier dog was attacked and killed by three wolves in the vicinity of his home in Eidskog municipality in Hedmark….