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Norwegian seafood to crown best restaurants

Norwegian seafood to crown the 50 best restaurants on the planet

When the gastronomic elite gathers in Singapore to name the world’s 50 best restaurants, they are served and presented with top-class Norwegian shellfish.
As an official seafood partner for the prestigious event, «Seafood from Norway» and the Norwegian Seafood Council will lift several Norwegian seafood products into the top eateries of the planet.

Norway Among The Healthiest Nations

Norway is the ninth healthiest nation in the world, according to Bloomberg’s 2019 Healthiest Country Index. For years, the Norwegian government has worked diligently to get the nation eating healthy, and Bloomberg’s ranking proves that they’ve been a success. But, how have they done it, and should other countries follow their lead?

MPs have to pay VAT on food

Parliamentarians have to fork out VAT on food Politicians at the Norwegian Parliament must now pay more for the food after VAT is included in…

Millennials eat differently

Millennials eat differently Although the information in this article relates to findings in the USA. Norway Today’s own research suggests that figures are not very…

Homemade Yule classics

Homemade Yule classic side dishes Yule (or Christmas, if you prefer) is a time for traditions, and those should be maintained. Smells, tastes and music…