Terrorist woman arrested at Gardermoen

The Police Security Service (PST) has arrested a 29-year-old terrorist woman who arrived at Gardermoen late Friday night. The woman is charged with participation in…

Bomb threat against plane en route to Nice

Bomb threat against Norwegian plane en route to Nice
A Norwegian air flight en route from Stockholm to Nice has returned to Arlanda after a bomb threat was called in. The threat allegedly came from Oslo. A SAS flight ran into problems at Gardermoen as well.

We must seek that which unites KrF

We must seek that which unites the Christian Democrats (KrF) Olaug Bollestad believes the bourgeois Government platform is steeped with good Christian Democratic (KrF) policy….

Opens direct flight Oslo-Beijing

Hainan opens direct flight Oslo-Beijing Hainan Airlines will be the first to fly regularly between Norway and China, starting in spring 2019. The route Oslo-Beijing will…

Assault Arrest at Gardermoen

Sunday’s domestic travelers at Gardermoen airport watched as an individual was placed under arrest and charged with provoking a physical assault upon one or more…

Baggage Trouble at Gardermoen

Baggage Trouble at Gardermoen – several must travel without luggage Technical problems concerning the luggage belt lead to additional waiting time for travelers at Oslo…