Opening of new duty-free shop

When the new duty-free shop for arriving passengers is opened at Oslo Airport in early September, they will experience a more spacious and inviting shop….

New rules for passports

The new passport rules, which  may lead to tens of thousands ending up being listed with unknown place of birth, will weaken the credibility of…

New national ID card in 2017

The police will also issue electronic ID when the new national ID card will be issued next year. This will reduce crime,  the justice minister…

Oslo Airport opening next year

The countdown for the opening of new Oslo airport has started in earnest. This Wednesday, the Transport Minister had a look at the new section….

Ryanair with new flights from Rygge

It looks like Ryanair will continue flying from Moss Airport Rygge anyway, despite the government insisting on introducing the controversial air passenger tax. The Irish…