Liadal is reported to the Police

The Parliament has reported Liadal to the Police The Norwegian Parliament asks the police to investigate whether Hege Haukeland Liadal (Labour) has abused the travel…

Ombudsman for all students next study year

The  Ombudsman for Students is an independent aid body that will guide students in connection with complaints and help resolve issues at the lowest possible level. The Ombudsman gives the students independent and impartial advice and assistance in matters that concern them, for example in questions about their rights and duties.

Tetzschner critical to building rules

Tetzschner critical to revised building rules for the Parliament The Norwegian Parliament has adopted rules to prevent more building scandals. “An illusion to believe that…

No majority to disallow Vy

No majority in Parliament to stop NSB name change to Vy The proposed name change to Vy is ridiculed by “everybody”.  Except by the majority…

Upcoming events involving the Parliament

Malaysia’s President to the Parliament A delegation led by Malaysia’s President of Parliament, Dato ‘Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof, visits the Parliament on Monday, January 21st….